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What is the greatest gift you’ve ever received?
It may have been exactly what you wanted in the moment. But every Christmas, we begin the search again and we look for the next, greatest gift.

What if we told you there was a perfect gift this Christmas just for you; not just any gift – but exactly what you need, want, desire, all in one? A gift that brings joy that lasts forever. A gift that other gifts can’t compare to. There’s more to Christmas than what’s been put before us, than what is sold in shops, than what we’ve put under the tree. The greatest gift can’t be wrapped, held, exchanged or re-gifted. But it can be experienced.

The greatest gift is a person. He is Jesus. He’s the greatest gift ever given. He is for you. 

We’d love to see you during our Christmas Unwrapped series in December and at our Christmas Eve services.