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Solomon Islands Missions


Each trip is different and there’s a part that you can play.

Building healthy local churches and having influence in our world is a part of who we are. Elevation Church has scheduled mission trips to build, invest and influence the Solomon Islands. This island is a hub where pastors and leaders are trained and then sent back to influence their communities throughout the wider South Pacific. These trips will include building projects and volunteer opportunities in local INC churches, schools and the community. While also being involved in ministry, training and development at the INC Leadership College in Balasuna.

2020 Mission Trips Dates To Be Announced


We are building for future generations. What we establish in the physical; like upgrades to facilities and renovating current buildings; makes room for future generations of pastors and leaders to learn and grow.


When you invest your time, skills and abilities, this has a wider impact than just in that moment. The opportunity to sit and talk with people, play with children, work alongside many different people from many different walks of life has a lasting impact. Invest a moment that will have an impact for generations.


There is room for everyone to be involved, it is unlimited the impact that we may have. There will be opportunities to impart and influence in the leadership training centre, schools, and churches. We guarantee you will come back changed.


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