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Once a year we do our Legacy Offering (previously known as Generous), which is more than just a series; it is an opportunity to give over and above our regular tithe. Primarily we do this because it actually puts flesh on grace. It allows us as a church to go beyond the maintenance of a building, or the running costs of doing church and positions us to greater influence our world with the love of Jesus.

We would love to invite you to be a part of Legacy 2019. We know this will not only affect you as you step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be stretched, but will also affect the vision, longevity, and influence of the church. 

2019 Legacy Areas


We believe thriving local churches are what every community needs and the most effective way of reaching our communities with Jesus is through the multiplication of healthy churches. Our effectiveness is not measured by seating capacity, but SENDING capacity. Multiplication means there’s room for everyone. When we grow together we expand our reach and ability to influence. We will never have “enough” churches, because the world is huge and there are communities still yet to be transformed by the love of Christ.

We accept responsibility for this mission, and are committed to the long term investment of building churches that leave a legacy. Your generosity allows us to build churches that aren’t just a hope and an answer to now, but will be standing for generations to come.

There are two new locations being added to Elevation this year. Tamworth is an existing INC church, which we have been trusted with the leadership of. We believe that Tamworth will be the hub for possible church plants into Armidale and surrounding areas. Also we will be planting a new location in Byron Bay. The timing is right and we are really on the edge of what God wants to do in this community.


Creating environments throughout our church and ministries is important to us because it inspires intimacy with Christ, relationship with others and influence in our world. It is because of this that we want to continue our financial investment into maintaining and upgrading our home. Across all our locations this includes various upgrades to buildings and ministries; including kids, youth, young adults, worship and creative. We are building with the picture of future generations in mind. What we establish in the physical; like upgrades to facilities and renovating current buildings; makes room for future generations to learn and grow. For us to reach more people we need more team on board and we want to invest into this to bring a focus and attention on growing our local church. Our primary focus in all we do is seeing lives transformed by the love of Jesus.


Building healthy local churches and having influence in our world is a part of who we are. With Elevation Care, we want to build, invest and influence through both International Missions and our local community outreaches; which includes initiatives like Quickfits, CAPS, Rahab Ministries and more. Our legacy is to be a church that is continually outward focused. That we would be ready, able and equipped to help, support and influence our local communities in practical but powerful ways. We will continue to invest into the Solomon Islands as it is a hub where pastors and leaders are trained and then sent back to influence their communities throughout the wider South Pacific.

Through the brand of Red Frogs we are able to provide vital support, education and connection for thousands of people. Red Frogs gives us an open door into environments where the church has previously been denied. Our hope is to continually be expanding our involvement across Schoolies Week, universities, high schools, sporting events, festivals, trade schools and more.


Generosity makes a difference in our lives and the lives around us.