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Elevation Kids

Elevation Kids is where children aged 1-12 can learn about Jesus in a safe, age-appropriate setting created just for them.   Our Kids program is designed for children to meet others their own age, so they can learn about Jesus in a way that they will understand. Kids will see the Bible come to life through music, drama, games, craft, small group activities and lots of hands-on fun!  Elevation Kids is available at all Sunday morning services.


“It [Elevation Kids] makes me feel like God is there with me. He is listening to all my prayers and He is with me with what I do. Now that I have been going to church more and more, I want to go all the time and never want to leave” – Julia (9 years old)


From what age can my child attend Elevation Kids?

We cater for children aged 1 year and walking to 11 years of age.  Children with special needs who fall outside these age brackets may also continue to attend the program at the discretion of the Kids Pastor. Our rooms are as follows (age groups may be combined at some locations) Little Explorers – 1 yr to 3 yrs Activate – 4 yrs to 6 yrs Revolution – 7 yrs to 11 yrs Once children are in grade 7 at school they may commence attending Elevation Youth and can apply to volunteer as an Elevation Kids leader.

We’re new to Elevation. How do we register our kids?

Look for the area designated for kids check-in.  One of our team will meet your family, collect your registration details and lead your family to the appropriate rooms for their ages. We will ask for the following information – family members’ names, household contact information, children’s names and birth dates, and special information including details of allergies, medical conditions, special needs, custody arrangements and image permissions.

How do check-in and check-out work?

After your initial visit, your family’s details will be recorded in our church database.  On your next visit you may check your child in at any available station. Depending on the location you attend, you will receive either a family RFID tag which can be attached to a key chain, or a family card that will be scanned upon check-in to assist us in quickly locating your family in the database.  Each week you and your child will receive matching identification name tags.  Your child should wear their name tag on the upper portion of their shirt, or for young children, on their back, while you retain the matching half to present upon check-out.  After the service, the identification tag must be presented by a person over 18 years before you may enter the room and have your child released back to you.  A leader will collect the identification tag from adult and child upon exiting the room.

What will my child be doing at Elevation Kids?

Our aim is that your child would encounter Jesus each week through fun, creative and age-appropriate Bible-based teaching.  We work hard as a team to create an environment that your child will want to return to each week and tell their friends about. Our environments generally include the following elements:

  • Revolution – praise and worship, large group Bible teaching, games, giving opportunity, small group activities and salvation invitation
  • Activate – praise and worship, prayer, giving opportunity, large group Bible teaching, small group activities, craft, games and limited free play
  • Little Explorers – hands-on activities, songs, Bible story, colouring page, snack time, free play
Do your children’s workers have background checks?

All of our adult Kids team volunteers have undergone suitability checks and are in possession of either a current QLD blue card, NSW working with children check or VIC working with children check (depending on which state the location is in). Volunteers under the age of 18 who are not eligible to participate in the governmental screening system have been screened for suitability for working with children through interviews and reference checks. Our policies mandate that there is to be a minimum of 2 adult volunteers supervising children at all times, including toilet runs.  We also seek to maintain a high adult to child ratio and encourage parents to assist us with this by serving regularly in their child’s room.

My child has allergies; will food be served in the kids program?

Our service times are short so we do not include a snack break in our program except for Little Explorers who will be served rice crackers and water.  We encourage parents to send along a labeled water bottle with their child. Some games and activities for older children also include food items.  Allergy alerts will be displayed at the check-in desk for all sessions where food will be served. Please notify us via family registration forms and at the check-in desk of any allergies your child may have so this information can be placed on their nametag.  Alternative arrangements will be made for those children who have been identified as having allergies.  Drinking water will be available at all times for your child throughout the program.  To prevent children with allergies from having access to unauthorized foods we do not allow kids to bring their own food into the Kids rooms.

My child has special needs, are they still able to participate in the kids program?

You may notify us of any medical conditions or special needs your child has via the registration form.  Our volunteers will be briefed on children requiring special attention prior to each service. Please be aware that our program is not designed to cater for children with severe development delays or children who require constant 1 on 1 supervision.  Parents of special needs children requiring high attention are encouraged to stay with their child for the duration of the program and will be identified in the rooms with a ‘Visitor’ ID lanyard.

If my child becomes upset will you call me?

You will receive a security tag with your child’s ID code on it for each session.  In the event that your child becomes upset and we are not able to settle him/her in a reasonable space of time you will receive an sms page on your mobile to alert you to return to the room.  For this reason we recommend that you carry a mobile phone with you during church and have it set to silent so that we can page you via text if necessary.  Please alert us to any change in your contact details at the check-in counter or via a red card.

My kids belong to different age groups, but want to be in together. Can they be put in the same room?

Our program has been designed to cater for the specific ages listed.  Children in the Activate and Revolution rooms will also be allocated to a small group that they will be in for the duration of the year so that they can mix with children their own age and participate in teaching and activities that are geared for their level of development.  We find that older children left in programs designed for younger children quickly become bored and disruptive, while younger kids placed into older programs are unable to cope with the higher level of structure needed for more advanced teaching and are at risk of being injured through games that are inappropriate for their size and ability levels.  In order for your child to be safe and gain the maximum benefit from our kids program our policy is that children should be placed in the correct room for their age group.  In our current Elevation Kids format, the Activate and Rev children will come together for praise and worship but be separated into individual age groups for large group teaching, games, small group time and other activities.

My child requires medication. How will it be administered to them?

We ask that you inform us of any medical conditions on the family registration form or at check-in. This will be recorded as an alert code on their name tag. Please keep any needed medication with you during the service. If your child requires medication during the service, you will be required to return to administer medication as necessary, as leaders and volunteers of Elevation Kids do not administer any medication to children.

Am I allowed to stay in the room with my child?

Parents are invited to accompany their child to the room and stay with them for a brief time to help them get settled.  If you need to remain with your child for an extended period this is at the discretion of the team leader.  For safety reasons you will be asked to identify yourself to both children and leaders as a visitor to the room by wearing a ‘Visitor’ lanyard and you will not be permitted to engage with any children other than your own.  We have found that children often become clingy and difficult to settle when parents remain behind pleading with them, so please feel free to hand your crying child over to one of our volunteers and leave the room while our volunteers work to quickly settle them and engage them in the program.  We will call you in the event that your child becomes distressed and is not able to be settled in a reasonable time frame.

What is your discipline process?

Each location has rules that will be reinforced with the kids for the duration of the program. The rules will be made clear to the children at the commencement of the program.

Elevation Kids uses positive reinforcement systems by celebrating children who are fully participating and respecting the rules. This means that if children are found to be breaking rules, then they will not be rewarded, potentially missing out on a prize. We have found that this system is generally sufficient to handle the majority of behavioral issues. Occasionally a situation arises when a child’s behaviour becomes unmanageable and we need to resort to stricter measures.  In this case we use a ‘3 strikes and you’re out’ policy. Strike 1:  A leader takes the child aside (in a visible area still within the room) and talks with the child to remind them of the rules and help them identify how their behaviour is breaking the rules.  They are given a warning and told that if the behaviour continues their parents will be notified. Strike 2: A leader takes the child aside and talks with the child about their behaviour and lets them know that their parents will be informed on pick-up.  They are also warned that if the behaviour continues their parents will be called out of the service to remove them from the kids program. Strike 3:  Parents are called to remove their child from the program.  Kids will not be permitted to return to the program for the remainder of the session or until they are willing to cooperate with leaders. Our leaders are trained to never smack, yell at, humiliate or isolate a child in their care.  We appreciate your support for our leaders in using the designated behaviour management systems to maintain a safe and fun church environment for all children.

What should my child bring with them to Elevation Kids?

Children in the Revolution and Activate rooms participate in a giving opportunity are encouraged to bring their offering money.  Older children should also bring their Bible if they have one. For toddlers we recommend that you pack a bag with a hat (for locations with outdoor playgrounds), water drink bottle, change of clothes, nappy change supplies (if applicable), bottle/s (if applicable) and your child’s cuddly item.  Please ensure that your bag and all contents are clearly labeled with your child’s name. We strongly encourage that your child leaves their favourite toys, books, and any electronic devices including mobile phones, IPads and game consoles at home.  Any personal belongings that are brought into rooms will be collected by leaders, labelled with your child’s name and placed in a secure area for collection upon parent pick-up.  This is to minimise upset caused by lost, broken or stolen belongings, and to ensure that kids are able to fully focus and engage in the program.  We also do not permit children to bring snacks or drinks into the room due to the high prevalence of food allergies amongst kids and our inability to regulate the distribution of personal snacks and drinks to other children.

Where do I go to find lost property?

Lost property will be kept in boxes located at the entrance of each of the Kids rooms.

What happens if my child needs to go to the toilet or have their nappy changed?

It is our policy that no volunteer is to touch or wipe a child’s private area (or any area that would normally be covered by a swim suit).  We expect that parents will return to the Little Explorer’s room to assist our team with nappy changes and toileting of their child.  Revolution and Activate aged children should be old enough to carry out their own toileting activities and will be taken to the toilet under the supervision of a minimum of two leaders.  We ask that parents take their child to the toilet prior to each service to minimise disruptions as much as possible once the program has started.

Why do you have a prize point system and how does it work?

In the Activate and Revolution age groups, prize incentive reward systems are in place. These systems vary between locations. However, the purpose of the prize system is to encourage program engagement, celebrate successes and to reinforce the development of spiritual habits of the children. These systems teach the children how to celebrate others, how to have patience, and to see that actions have consequences. 

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