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Once a year we do Generous, which is more than just a series; it is an opportunity to give over and above our regular tithe. Primarily we do this because it actually puts flesh on grace. It allows us as a church to go beyond the maintenance of a building, or the running costs of doing church and positions us to greater influence our world with the love of Jesus.

We would love to invite you to be a part of Generous 2018. We know this will not only affect you as you step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be stretched, but will also affect the vision, longevity, and influence of the church. 

2018 Generous Areas

Being one church in seven locations there is so much that we can do through your generosity.
As well as all our location specific areas, here are some of the opportunities we have to invest into together.


We believe thriving local churches are what every community needs and the most effective way of reaching our communities with Jesus is through the multiplication of healthy churches. We will never have “enough” churches, because the world is huge and there are communities still yet to be transformed by the love of Christ.


Through the brand of Red Frogs we are able to provide vital support, education and connection for thousands of people. Red Frogs gives us an open door into environments where the church has previously been denied. Our hope is to reduce suffering and safeguard a generation of young people.


Elevation Church is committed to build, invest and influence the Solomon Islands. Our vision is for future generations. What we establish in the physical; like upgrades to facilities and renovating current buildings; makes room for future generations of Pastors and leaders to learn and grow.


Elevation Church Quickfit Community Projects involve partnering with community organisations to provide practical support. Our legacy is to be a church that is continually outward focused; that we would be ready, able and equipped to help, support and influence our communities in practical yet powerful ways.


Generosity makes a difference in our lives and the lives around us.