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Our Tweed Coast Location Pastor, Tara Jones, shares on the importance of family, and how the choices we make today can impact generations.

Family is a powerful thing. It’s amazing to think that choices we make now, can and will affect the generations in our families to come. I look at the decision my dad made at the age of 19 to follow Jesus, even though his family didn’t believe. And because of that one decision, it changed the whole course of where his life was headed; from a boiler maker in Townsville to now the National Chairman of the INC movement and a Lead Pastor of several church locations. Not only did that one decision change his life, but it changed the legacy of the family he was creating.

I now look at my brother and myself and our lives and our relationship with Jesus and I’m so thankful we were brought up in a home that showed the love of Christ and the value of church. I look at my son now at two years old, who sings worship songs and asks ‘ Mummy pray to Jesus?’ each night. And I see a legacy, from that one moment and choice my dad made years ago, has now been passed through the generations of our family.

I love that Jesus is all about generations and all about family, and that we, as the church, can reflect that love for family! I love walking into church each Sunday morning and seeing all different people, from all walks of life, connecting with each other, loving on each other and challenging each other, but most of all seeing people encounter the real love of Christ, and seeing the change that happens in that person and their family.

I love seeing families make church each Sunday a priority, not because of a religious duty, but because they are passionate about the legacy they are creating for themselves and their children, and the generations to come.

Personally for me as a mother, the highlight of my week is watching how excited my son gets for church. For Lach and I, even before we were pastors, church has been a huge family value to us, and it excites me to see this being instilled into our son. I love the fact he can’t wait to go to kids church each week, and I love the fact that he yells the whole way home that church was fun and lists of all his friends names (and then has a great sleep Sunday afternoon).

Apart from Jesus, family is the most important thing in the world. And sometimes it’s healthy for us to stop and think of what our family values are. What legacy are we creating for our children and the generations to come?

Psalm 33:1

‘But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.’

Tara x