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Elevation Kids

Pastor Leonie Thomsen, Kids Pastor (Tweed Coast)

My favourite part about Elevation Kids is when we ask the kids a question about God and the answer they give is so much more than we could have anticipated. Kids are so valuable to God. I love that they are able to comprehend and understand the Word of God from a very young age. Sometimes the answers are astounding because they have an even greater understanding than what an adult would. I love when we see them praying, when we hear their understanding of God, and when we see their simple faith. They believe what God says. They pray for things and actually believe what they pray for is going to happen.

Often, we see kids leading their family and their friends to Christ. We have had children as young as five stand up in front of their whole class and tell them all about Jesus. We see kids bringing their friends along to church and leading their friends to Jesus. Kids have influence where they are right now. They will be the future generation that will lead our church, and having an influence on them now sets them up to be influencers – both for where they are right now and for the future.

Statistics show that 85 per cent of all people that come to Christ do so between the ages of 4 and 14. Kids are in that prime time in their life where we can really reach them about Jesus, and set up their thinking and behaviours that will support them in their faith for the rest of their life. Statistics show by the time we are three years old, 90 per cent of our brain is already formed. By the time we are six years old, our adult personality has already formed. By the time a child is nine years old, they are able to use internal cues to either challenge or confirm an existing perspective. That means on the inside of them, they have a set of values and thought processes that govern whether they are going to accept what the world says or not. If we’re not setting our children up right now with those Godly standards and values, we are missing a prime opportunity to set up their faith for the rest of their lives.

If I could say anything to parents, it would be to bring your kids to church every week. Bring them every single week because, when they have that consistency, they are building habits that will set them up for success. We want to equip families to be able to have success. Building that habit of consistently bringing our kids every week sets a value in them that God is important, and being a part of and serving in church is important.

I want to see our kids equipped and grounded in the Word of God, and for them to be connected with one another. I want them to have strong relationships that will empower and set them up for the future, and lead them in a Godly direction. I want to see them equipped with the Word of God so they can go out and be an influence in their world, both for where they are now and in their future.