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Ross & Kathy

Our heart from the beginning was to have a thriving, healthy church, in whatever city we are in. It started with the Gold Coast, now we have multiple locations across Australia.

What we love about Elevation is that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We belong to an International Network of Churches (INC) which champions every individual reminding them they are born for more.

Our vision, mission and values can be summed up through the words WHAT: HOW: WHO:
WHAT we are about, HOW we do this, and WHO we are as Elevation Church.

We would love to invite you to come on this adventure with us!

Ross & Kathy

Multiplying Healthy Local Churches

This is our big picture…

We believe thriving local churches are what every community needs and the most effective way of reaching our communities with Jesus is through the multiplication of healthy churches.

Our effectiveness is not measured by seating capacity, but SENDING capacity.

Multiplication means there’s room for everyone. When we grow together we expand our reach and ability to influence.

Creating environments that inspire intimacy with Christ, relationship with others and influence in our world.

Zoom into the local church…
This is HOW we outwork our WHAT.

Life works best when we are in relationship with God, in community with other believers, and in our worlds making a difference.

At Elevation we strive to create environments so you can thrive in this.

WE ARE Authentic, Adventurous, Fun, Spirit Led.

WE ARE AUTHENTIC! Being real with ourselves, others and Christ because we value genuine relationship.

WE ARE ADVENTUROUS! Bold and brave, we don’t play it safe, seeking adventure to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

WE ARE FUN! Work hard, play hard, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

WE ARE SPIRIT LED! With Christ at the centre, we make room for the Holy Spirit to move in our everyday moments.

International Network of Churches

Elevation Church belongs to a movement of churches around the world called International Network of Churches (INC). INC exists to make disciples, empower leaders and to multiply healthy churches around the world.

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